Manga/Manhwa/Webtoon Scanlation

This is mainly just to help me remember all the ones I’ve worked on.  XD

(oh yeah, and I’m not even bothering to list the hentai (or the non-h dj’s)……loooots of hentai.  XD )

abide 1a Abide in the Wind (MIA group/dropped, by me at least :D)   One day, there began the story of a girl who faces the last dragon on Earth.

     Banquet Box  (stalled) Four people who used to attend the same high-school together are suddenly knocked unconscious and kidnapped. When they regain their senses, they find themselves trapped within a container box. A mysterious voice then commands them to “Repent your past sins if you wish to escape with your lives”…

   Black Behemoth  (stalled) Fated meeting of six participants in the Talisman exam! Watch their seemingly unrelated relations become intertwined to form an odyssey!

bullet armors 1a     Bullet Armors  (complete) In this world there are mysterious machines known as TREMORS. The reason they came and who built them are still unknown.The most mysterious part of the tremors, however, would be their ability to continuously EVOLVE. And in this world a boy is on a journey looking for his missing father.

thumb version    Cheonsaeng Yeonbun   complete – shoujo manhwa

   Demian Shoukougun (stalled)  Azuma and Takayama used to be really close friends as children, until one day Takayama disappears to the USA without telling Azuma. Unable to forget about Azuma, Takayama returns years later and enrolls in Azuma’s school. He finds his old friend cold and unwilling to restart any kind of relationship… but why? Takayama is a light hearted, happy guy who gets along with everyone around, even though Azuma’s odd behavior hurts him. Azuma is cool and distant, and seems not to care about anything around him…

   Famous Man (stalled) Four-eyed presence-less student, Yoo MeongYin (Famous man), goes onto the stage… to dance.

himawari 1a

Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho! (complete) Hanatori Suimei, a ronin, came to his aunt’s house to study for the next university entrance exam. Turn out the place he will be living in is a kindergarten ran by his aunt. There, he meets Aiko, an 8 year-old girl, Haru, a teacher there, and many other children. How will his relationship with Aiko, with Haru turn out?

04  Kakegurui (ongoing/stalled/licensed) Hyakkaou Private Academy, a prestigious private school. Here in this academy, students are divided into social strata. Standing above all others is the student council, who rules over the students with their Gambles. It’s heaven if you win, and hell if you lose. Those adept at gambling are the envy of all, while the weak are left to suffer the madness of the academy. One girl transfers to this academy. Her name is Jyabami Yumeko.

summary page image 1a   Lookism  (ongoing/dropped, by me at least :D)     Park Hyung Suk, overweight and unattractive, is bullied and abused on a daily basis. But a miracle is about to happen.

   Lullaby for the Moon  (MIA group) A story of a boy who carries light.

Marchan Chapter 1 (9)  MÄRCHEN (stalled/dropped, by me for sure 😀 )The ability to become stronger just by reading… The strange tale of Marchan and his ability.

v1-cover  Mouhitsu Hallucination (ongoing scanlation, with Pico Manga) Hirayama, an aspiring manga writer, is thrilled to be chosen as a last minute replacement assistant for a celebrated manga writer he really admires. To his surprise, not only is his boss a woman, but she works semi-nude. In such a distracting environment, Hirayama must find a way to make a good showing of his ability.

   MY OH (stalled)  A story of 3 completely different musical idiots and their goal to start an orchestra! The exciting campus life that these people share!

padrekarte_rectangle The Priest’s Chart (stalled/MIA group)- The priest Edward meets a veteran under a vicious curse. This is the love story of the young priest who wants to save the veteran.

PLARv3 c35 bp one Puppy Lovers – a reclamation project, picking up with volume 3, the final of the series.

lily05 01   Saenai Kanojo (Heroine) no Sodatekata ~egoistic-lily~   A highschool otaku named Aki Tomoya runs into his dream girl one day…only to find that she has the faintest presence to his chagrin!

Now with his otaku passions, Tomoya wants to turn the girl into a heroine in the only realm he is familiar with: 2D dating simulation game. To accomplish this objective, he scouts Eriri Spencer Sawamura, his half-foreigner childhood friend equipped with artistic talent, as the illustrator, and Kasumigaoka Utaha, a famous prodigy writer, as the script writer.

Saiki Kusuo no PSI Nan (ongoing) Kusuo Saiki is a sixteen-year-old high school student with innate supernatural powers. What are his hassles and troubles triggered by his extraordinary ability? And what misfortunes fall upon him?

timeline 1a  Timeline The story behind the day of Full Moon three centuries ago and the day of Full Moon present day. The story is revealed around the gods and people involved in the incident!

   UnLeong (complete) Spirits that eat people’s words – UnLeong. In return, they make people’s wishes come true.
Oh Sung is an UnLeongist who counsel others who have wishes that cannot come true unless UnLeong help them.

  Under Prin Lord Perdien is a 1st class demon who has been living in the human world with his son. He has no intentions for his son, Miryu, to follow the path of the demons and while their lives were peaceful up until now, a succubus arrival and a sudden illness of his son are more than enough to disturb their peaceful way of living. He has to make an important choice: Either to let his son die or listen to whatever the succubus offers him for a cure.

 Urthotics (stalled) A fight to death between an undefeated family of assassins, and mysterious intruders who claim to use the biotic technology of Urthotics!

umishi 1ab Wa ga Na wa Umishi (stalled) Salvors are men responsible for towing wrecked ships and handling the cargo. They are different from rescue teams as they usually ask for money before offering help. Nanba Rintarou’s father was the owner of such a company, but Rintarou really hated the way they operated and decided to join the Coast Guard.

However, Rintarou’s father died right after Rintarou completed his training. In his will he asked Rintarou to take over his company. What’s worse is he left his son a debt of 1.5 billion yen…

   Weiß Shim LeaYoung is the “zombie boy” of his school. Everyday, his duty is to get beat up by entire student body. Because his expression never changes, people are disgusted of, and avoid him. He is not loved even at home – where he lives with his father’s friend’s family. One day, a real zombie and a couple of people who call themselves “Schwarz* appear”, trying to extract the Evil Spirit Jade from within him

   Wind Breaker (stalled) Street riding drama of youngsters who dream of freedom! – Naver

wizardy zeo 1a  Wizardry Zeo (ongoing) Zeo, a mysterious young wizard with a giant sword, finds himself in the city of Monea. He has no interest in getting involved with other adventurers, but circumstances leave him no choice but to find himself a party. He is therefore dragged into a group of misfit adventurers led by the pretty priest Tia.

Tia seems very interested in making him their ally, and he soon finds out her reasons. Tia is determined to hunt down the wizard that summoned a devil that burned down her town and family, and she intends to do this by first summoning the devil. However, devil summoning magic is forbidden, punishable by death. Tia needs to learn about the art of devil summoning, and she needs a wizard for the summoning itself. Little does she know that Zeo actually has his very own illegal summoned devil, which is the reason why he was so insistent to be alone. Will he be willing to help Tia with her quest, or will his secret lead to his execution?

Yokohamasen Doppelganger

Kenzaki Makoto, a debuting sculptor, was arrested as the serial killer of the Yokohama Line series of murders. He insisted that he was innocent but was sentenced to the death penalty. He was executed 11 years after the crime. But when he reopened his eyes, by a twist of fate, he had returned to 11 years ago, 25 days before the crime was committed. Burning with the desire for revenge against the real murderer, Kenzaki begins to take action. The only one he can trust is HIMSELF. The crime suspense story of two selves fighting against fate unfolds.


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